The Zone HC Story

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The Zone HC Story

Do You Want To Say Goodbye To Intimidating Gyms For Good?

When I decided to open my first Zone 123 Gym it was a massive risk for my family and at first the market didn’t respond, I had to stay strong on my beliefs and work hard to get the business moving in the right direction.

Traditional gyms are full of mirrors and intimidating characters, I wanted to create the opposite!

Then, I noticed that the market was starting to respond and we now get awesome results with the 35 to 60+ aged market, in a safe non intimidating workout environment.

I created and built Zone 123 Gym after 25 years in the Fitness Industry, so it has everything I believe is important in a members journey from the time you inquire to getting your personal goals met daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I believe there is an opportunity to provide outstanding service to the 35 to 60+ aged market as all “Big Brand” Gyms focus on 18 to 35 year olds. The Zone system is simple, Zone 1 Warm Up, Zone 2 Workout and Zone 3 Stretch, the whole program changes everyday so it stays fresh, and I wrote all the programs based on my experience as a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach.

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24/7 Unsupervised Classes…

Instructional Videos #1
Experienced quality instructional coaching focused on delivering your results every session. When you book a class your video trainer is here waiting for you on an 8 minute cycle, so pick yourself up and make your appointment on time. We all need to be held accountable, cause somewhere along the path you will need a push in the right direction.

Book Classes with Zone HC App #2
Book a class time that suits you, we have over 100 session times per week. When you book a session you can set it with a reminder and we will send you a text 30 minutes before the class just so you don’t forget. You can then arrive within the session time and classes start every 8 minutes. With an 8 Week Challenge your classes are set at UNLIMITED!

Assessment #3
Getting all the nitty gritty detail will make all the difference when you set a goal. Body Fat%, Weight, Visceral Fat, Hydration %, Bone Density, Muscle Tissue, and the one everyone loves/hates – your Body Age. Having and tracking this detailed information will be the difference between success and failure. It enables our team to give you clear goals and objectives for your time at Zone Health Club.
You will receive 6 Assessments over the duration of your challenge, this enables our Zone 123 staff to stay on top of how your tracking and set goals for you each week which are dependant on your results.

Drink Bottle #4
Always great to get some goodies when you join a gym! Zone HC is no different, use it with our Alkaline Kangan Water to re hydrate yourself during a workout.

Keep your Fob key close by so you can access our facility and attend as many classes as you like, without this key access will be denied so keep it safe!

Facebook Group #6
5 Benefits of being in a Facebook Group
*It provides more personal engagement.
*Drive focused attention on your time at Zone 123 …
*Receive immediate feedback from your questions/concerns. …
*Announce Super Saturday Results. …
*Make new Facebook friends so you can share your results.

Here are some exclusive bonuses you can’t get anywhere else!

Super Cool Bonus #1

8 Week Challenge Daily Educational/Transformational Video Series

  • Daily Videos: Our videos are designed to keep you on track and help you through the tough times of your challenge.

  • Detailed Explanations: all aspects of our service with extra content delivered daily.

  • Deals and Extras: we will present extras and offers to enhance your experience at Zone 123.

Super Cool Bonus #2

Coaching Calls
A Weekly Coaching call from one of our expert trainers so you can feel free to ask any question about your experience at Zone 123. An invaluable asset in your success.

Super Cool Bonus #3

Lose Weight Cutting Calories Part 1 & 2
Part 1 and Part 2 with even more tips and tricks on how to make the process of losing weight a simple daily effort.
With over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry we have compiled all the best tip and tricks to make your efforts maximised in return.
If you ever get stuck or have questions about weight loss check out these chapters as your answer may be a simple one, plus you will get action guids or worksheets to go with that issue to help you move forward day after day.

Super Cool Bonus #4

24 Week Series Losing Weight Cutting Calories Educational Video Series

  • Weekly Videos: Our videos are designed to educate you and help you start the path of calorie control and weight management for the rest of your life.

  • Detailed Explanations: download the course content along with extra tips and tricks to help you build a new eating regime.

  • Deals and Extras: we will present extras and offers to enhance your experience at Zone Health Club.

My Fitness Pal Setup
MyFitnessPal provides powerful tools that make it easier for anyone to live a healthier life by tracking their meals and physical activity.
Zone 123 will provide comprehensive setup and learning videos to help you through the process of beginner usage to advanced control so you can master your food and cultivate a new era of nutrition for now and the future you!

Accountability and Support Plus, Educational programs with Quality training with heaps of Variety, !

Money Back Guarantee!

If you follow our program, take advantage of all our special offers and feel this just isn’t working for you then we will refund your money!

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!

  • No Joining Fee ($200)

  • Amazing Offer Piece #1 Video Coaches($300 Value)

  • Amazing Offer Piece #2 Download our Zone 123 App Unlimited Classes ($850 Value)

  • Amazing Offer Piece #3 Assessment x 6 ($360 Value)

  • Amazing Offer Piece #4 Facebook Group ($99 Value)

  • Amazing Offer Piece #5 Drink Bottle and Towel ($59 Value)

  • FOB Key ($25 Value)

  • Super Cool Bonus #1 Daily Video Coaching ($950 Value)

  • Super Cool Bonus #2 Coaching Calls ($360 Value)

  • Super Cool Bonus #3 Losing Weigth Cutting Calories Books Part 1 and 2 ($60 Value)

Total Value: $2,952

For Only For $24.95week no lock in contract